Friday, November 12, 2010

A Move towards transparency at LISD board meeting

At Thursday's LISD's board meeting, newly-elected trustee Cecilia Moreno set the tone for what hopefully will be a new direction at future meetings. This goes for all city and county meetings as well. Essentially, what Ms. Moreno did, that was so markedly different, is that she questioned the legality and necessity of going into executive session. This bodes well for the public as a whole. Executive sessions are allowed under the Texas Open Meetings Act. Nonetheless, there are many in the community that feel that the extent to which they are being used has become abusive. Many candidates and officials mention transparency. Some candidates were not successful and thus, we don't get to see just how they would handle the transparency issue. It is refreshing, therefore, to see that Ms. Moreno won her election and is taking specific actions (as mentioned above) to provide real and tangible transparency to the community. For that, we congratulate Ms. Moreno.

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