Monday, November 22, 2010

Do good causes and Politics mix?

I promise a chicken in every pot!

Tonight, Pro8 news had a piece on a Local women's group giving away bags full of everything needed for a good Thanksgiving dinner. This is obviously a generous show of consideration for their fellow human beings. There was, however, a little bit of twist when it came to determing just what families would get these foods. Apparently, the city council members were asked whom they waned the bags donated to. Thus, lists were provided and the bags of groceries were distributed.

At the risk of being too cynical during this holiday season, what are the chances that some council persons may not choose those that are truly the most needy to receive these donations? Would there be any attempt to repay people who helped in their campaign? I sincerely hope that those most in need get the help. Whatever the case, the particular women's group deserves all the praise in the world. Unfortunately, I didn't get the group's name-oops.

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