Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Radio Free Laredo

We're coming to you from Old Laredo, Texas

I don't know anything about being a ham radio operator but I have always found it to be an interesting subject. According to FCC records, there are a little over 200 registered amateur ham radio operators in Laredo (actually 208). I wonder if any of them have what would be an equivalent to a local blog. Or does amateur ham radio not lend itself to that type of format?
 I just saw a piece on Pro 8 News on the ongoing LISD science fair and I couldn't help but wonder if any kids nowadays have a facination with the old school type of communications, such as the above mentioned. Long ago, I recall looking through a Worldbook Encyclopedia that we had at home and seeing a diagram of how to put together your own radio. I think there was some copper coil wire, a simple amplifier, a crystal of some sort and a cylinder. Come to think of it, are there still hard-bound encylopedias around..........does anybody read them anymore?


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