Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm still trying to figure out US mail, Now this?

Is this the Future Glen Beck and his board?

Give me a break! I'm still trying to figure out what the difference between priority mail and express mail. Now, I hear that something called Facebook is coming up with new e-mail. For someone on a learning curve in the all-too-unfamiliar blogging world, this is just one more thing that I can say I know practically nothing about. The fact that it's at the very top of some of the National websites I've seen today gives me a hint that it's pretty big news-for some people.

I thought it was a pretty big step from manual typewriters to the electric models. You couln't even breath on those without them typing something. Maybe it aint so bad, just last year I was like: is it Candle or Kindle? That's progress for you. Well, I aint going for the micro-chip in the head type of progress that's for sure. Maybe I've been listening to talk radio too much.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for the changes. It sounds like we are in for a major shift in how we communicate. As some article put it, Facebook's proposal is an email killer. Interesting times that we live in :)