Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's Marketing for you!

It looks like AB Barrera of PMDG marketing has made the most of his position as a columnist for the LMT Business Journal. The last couple of weeks, he has been denouncing the horrible state of customer service in many local businesses. This past weekend, he warned that Laredo's restaurants and hotels should be ready for the influx of Mexican shoppers starting on November 15th, the day on which the 1910 Mexican Revolution is celebrated.

Being in marketing, the next to do after ratlling the hornet's nest was, of course, to profit from it. Behold "The customer's allright right" workshop. With 45 attendees at $45 a head, that comes out to about $2,025 for a few hours of winging it. LMT cited one of the examples used in their "role playing" (give me a break) was that of a customer at a fish market. Ok, quickly, name one fishmarket in Laredo! So, I thought. It would have made sense to use an retail or Import/Export example but I guess that would take too much common sense. The only thing PMDG is doing wrong is that it's based in Laredo. They would probably have much more business if they were an out-of-town firm peddling their laughable ideas.

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