Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chasing Arizona: Debbie Riddle is on the loose again

Where are they!
Texas congresswoman Debbie Riddle from Tomball got her wish and was on Fox Opinion Channel (formerly known as Fox News).  She was as giddy as a teen fan going to a concert. She even spent two nights in the state capitol in order to be the first to file her (racist) bills. There is no word if any illegals were cleaning the building while she was sleeping there.

Actually, she filed a handful of bills and not surprisingly all of them have to do with illegal immigration. The bill which has drawn comparisons to Arizona's SB1070 is Texas house bill 17. This is her pride and joy. The bill calls for warantless arrests of anyone (well you have to look hispanic) who is suspected of being in the country illegally. I guess it all depends on just how suspicious the particular officer happens to be. If it's a bona-fide redneck, then he'll be calling the paddy wagon as soon as his shift starts.  Don't forget who the first illegal aliens in Tejas were. Here's a hint, almost none of them could speak Spanish.

I suggest that everyone who is against this divisive bill write to Richard Raymond and let your feelings be known. Naturally, there are going to be some who are supportive of Ms. Riddle's hairbrained ideas. The problem here is that it is very, very difficult for some people, including the police, to tell the difference between U.S. hispanics and Mexican hispanics. Thus, the danger is that they will simply stop anyone who looks or speaks like if they're from another country. So.....Beware if you happen to walk across an overly suspicious cop.

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