Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mayoral Runoff

According to what was said at the 11/08/2010 City council meeting, the runoff elections will be held December 11th. Early voting will start on Nov. 24th, then resume on Nov 28th.  Raul Salinas and Gene Belmares both are hoping to secure an endorsement from Jose Valdez. However, it might turn out that Joe Valdez will put on his best Switzerland imitation and remain neutral.

There are also some signs that there might be a more cordial atmosphere surrounding the runnoff mayoral race as opposed to the sometimes heated debates seen in October.  This would be a victory for the voters. Instead of having to listen to the "worst of", we might actually get to hear some specific details about what each candidate would aim to do for the city in the future.

Voter turnout on Nov 2nd totalled about 30,000. There is a chance that the number of voters showing up for the runoff will number closer to 20,000. There is a tendency for the numbers to slack off for runoffs. Nevertheless, we at Laredotejas strongly urge you to continue your civic duty and vote!

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