Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I think I just prevented a bunch of duels- whew!

A few minutes ago, I was watching the news we all can count on. As they went to a commercial break, Ol' Tim Gutierrez announced "we'll be right back for more news". The caption appearing simultaneously read "Duel enrollment for students". I admit I was a bit startled. What? Are they actually going to teach kids to have duels out there? Is this how far bullying has gone?

Well, I surmised that perhaps Pro8 news was simply misspelling again. They probably meant "Dual enrollment", as in education. A quick phone call to their news room confirmed that my hunch was right. Whew, I guess we're not resorting to the Ante-bellum way of resorting our differences. The moral of the story is............See how important spelling is?

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