Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bocatela! ahora que se traen aya en Austin?

 Looks like a whole bunch of Republicans are jumping on the "take our country back" bandwagon up in Austin. First, it was Debbie (Terror babies) Riddle with her Arizona-styled new Texas House bill 17. Now, according the the Texas Tribune, another conservative goon, I mean guy, is proposing a bill that would prohibit public funds to be used to print anything in Spanish. I mean come on, you and I can read either English and Spanish. However, a lot of older Hispanics still read mostly Spanish. So how about taking your nativist leanings down a notch.

The Tribune reports : " Immigration-related bills filed by other state lawmakers would prohibit any state agency from printing signs or documents in any language besides English (state Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van)".
It goes on to analyze "With the GOP controlling all statewide offices, the top courts and nearly two-thirds of the seats in the Texas House and Senate, many of the tough measures that died in previous sessions are expected to have a much smoother route to passage". Seems to me, it's time to get on the proverbial horn to Richard Raymond and/or Judith Zafirrini.  I thought everyone in the world was against bullying. Well, this sure looks like politically bullying at it's worst.

Ok, let's say we really enforce this law. Absolutely no signs or documents in any other language besides English. Hmmm, that means all the signs for the following towns and cities will have to be changed : Saint Anthony (San Antonio), The Pass (El Paso), From The River (Del Rio), The Change (La Feria), Female Shoe?  (Zapata). While we're at it, we  might as well change the names of just about all of Texas' rivers. This includes, The Arms River, The Cold River, The Grand River and The Nuts River. These, currently known as The Brazos, the Frio, the Rio Grande and the Nueces River.  You would think that the people we and others elect would find something actually useful and productive to do.

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