Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anything else I can do for you sonny?

Social Security
From the Huffington Post

More and more so-called experts are suggesting cutting back on social security and medicare as a way of cutting the debt. Some are arguing for raising the retirement age because "people are living longer". New York Times writer Paul Krugman wrote "So you’re going to tell janitors to work until they’re 70 because lawyers are living longer than ever"?  Welcome to the brave new world of the GOP.  You can almost hear Boehner say "Hey pops, can you move that 5 gallon drum of tanning lotion over here- and pronto!".

Meanwhile over in the senate, Mitch McConnell is intent on making Obama fail. What do you expect from that turtley looking rascal. Leave it up to the Republicans to give even turtles a bad name.

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