Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Editorial : How to stretch our resources for food

Compliments of the Lone Star Card?

Tonight, I saw Richard Raymond on the news. He was speaking out against any possible taxes being levied against food and/or drinks. Naturally, we all want to stretch our food dollars so I agree with him. If we budget $30, $50 or $100 for food, at least we know we're spending all of it on various foods and do not have to account for 8.25% of it going to sales taxes.

Now, how about getting behind an initiative that will make an even greater difference to those most in need. I am referring to kids whose parents qualify for the Lone Star Card (Food Stamps). Now, I'm not too worried about the adults, they can fend for themselves. However, the kids rely on the adults in the picture to look out for their nutritional best interests. Unfortunately, they, and the government, are failing them big-time. As long as candies, sodas, potato chips and other assorted junk foods are allowed to be purchased with Lone Star, the children's nutrional needs are being sabotaged. This practice also encourages obesity. Kids will be kids, they don't know any better. But the parents should know better and Texas should definitely have enough compassion for these kids to prohibit  any junk food from being purchased with food stamps.

What a shame! What a mis-use of resources. What a lobbying power the Texas junk food industry must have! 

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