Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Signs" of the times at Bridges 1 and 2

This morning, the Laredo Morning Times reports that a local media company will actually have some of their staff welcome potential Mexican shoppers at two of our bridges. The article states:

Border Media staffers will carry signs inviting those Mexican nationals to a “welcome point” at 811 San Dario Ave., where two of the company’s FM radio stations, La Ley 100.5 and Digital 107.3, will broadcast live.
At the welcome point, shoppers will get a continental breakfast, refreshments, store coupons and a map to locations of retail businesses sponsoring the event.

Sounds like a good idea but I wonder if it's only a morning thing since obviously continental breakfasts will be served. Also, have arrangements been made to handle the possible traffic. Afterall, Mexicans ususally go for bargains and a free breakfast is one of them. Or worse yet, maybe there won't be any traffic to worry about? I just have one suggestion : staion a few more staffers on North IH-35 with signs reading "Por favor no se vayan tan pronto! Please dont' go so quickly!"

Good Luck! It's good to see someone at least making an effort to get some traffic for our local businesses.  See how good of an idea the Laredo Outlet Mall seems like now? Like the famous line in the movie says "You could've been a contender"

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