Thursday, December 2, 2010

Study shows Winter Texas still big in state as a whole

The University of Texas-Pan American at edinburgh has released it's most recent study on the economic Winter Texans have on the state. In, 2008-2009, the latest figures available, it is estimated that Winter Texans spent around 802.5 Million dollars in the Lone Star State. The study reveals that most of the visitors during the Winter come from either Minnesota and Canada. The average Winter Texan spends about $10,700 on the U.S. side and some of the most popular destinations are surprisingly, flea markets.

There are other reasons that these visitors gave for coming to Texas. Naturally, the main reason is to get away from the unforgiving Winters up North. However, many said that they come South to stay in touch with freinds they've met on prior trips to Texas.  South Padre Island, birding tours and other nature-related activities are always extremely popular. The best news is that the numbers have been increasing. Between 2004-2005, 127,000 visitors came to the state. In the Winter of 2008-2009, the number had increased to 144,000. The areas that have most attracted these "snowbirds" are those who have taken the initiative to build RV parks to accomodate the yearly migration.

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