Friday, December 31, 2010

Abbacadabra....I predict one more victory for Dallas

It seems likely that former Texas A&M aggie Stephen McGee will start for the Cowboys Sunday

Well, the 2010 football season is nearing an end for most of South Texas. I say this because neither the Cowboys nor the Texas Longhorns are going to see any playing time this January. The least I can do is to make a bold predication that Dallas will beat Philadelphia by a score of....let's see, (Kitna out, McGee in and carry the 1 plus/minus 2)  Ok, here it goes Dallas 33, Philadelphia 17.

Dallas has been averaging about 30 points a game since Jason Garrett took over and their defense has to go out on a high note after the disappointing season it's had. It was the former Doomsday Defense that repeatedly failed to make opponents go 3 and out in the crucial closing minutes of several games. Kickoff for the Cowboys-Eagles game is at 3:15pm on Fox.

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