Monday, December 27, 2010

TAMIU tops when doing business with Historically Under-utilized businesses aka minority companies

The Texas A&M system as a whole is more than holding it's own when it comes to doing business with Historically Under-utilized Businesses (HUBs). According to the Amarillo Globe News, "The A&M system spent $267 million, or nearly 30 percent, of its spending on the program this year. By contrast, the state dedicated nearly 16 percent, while universities outside the A&M system did 20 percent". Furthermore, the article goes on to mention that Laredo's own TAMIU tops the list considereing that it spent roughly $4.2 million dollars or 64% of it's allotted budget for general services and construction directly with HUBs. The article also states:

The benefit of the HUB program is it gives exposure to minority-owned businesses to state agencies," said R.J. DeSilva, a spokesman for the state comptroller's office. "The size of the agency is what's key in this. When you're talking about schools, you're talking about a lot of procurement opportunities.
 HUB programs are primarily oriented toward minority- and women-owned businesses. There are more than 14,000 registered HUBs in Texas. State law requires Texas agencies and institutions to participate in the program.


  1. Ya si no. We are in a 90+ percent area "minority" but not all businesses go through the hassle of getting HUB designation. The process is a little long & complicated. TAMIU gets around this by having a few vendors who buy them everything and funnel through their "store". Businesses of friends and family who are say... florists... will buy that pencil you want or paper you need. It's not all TAMIU but a lot of TAMIU. Its not illegal but not all that ethical.

  2. Con razon, always looking for those gray areas to do their work. So the only reason it's accomplishing its "goal" is because the area is all minorities. Is it THAT hard to just do the right thing? would they loose out on something if they did it right? Either way, it's somewhat confusing. Thanks again