Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HEB gives big to Keep Laredo Beautiful

Keep Laredo Beautiful....& thorny

Looks like "El HEB" or as I've heard it also "La HEB" has come through big-time in donating $50,000 to the Keep Texas Beautiful organization. The lady in charge of the Keep Laredo Beautiful , Lynn Nava, stated that they would be training students how to re-use "grocery bags". I imagine she meant the plastic bags that HEB currently uses.

From personal experience, I am pretty sure that most people, kids included, already know of about 1,000 ways to re-use these bags. Nonetheless, maybe there are some new ways to learn?  I know that the City funds the Keep Laredo Beautiful with $100,000 a year. As a taxpayer and citizen, I ask- does anyone out there know if this money goes to salaries for those in charge or is it  only for expenses other than salary? I've always wondered this about all non-profits and I honestly do not know the answer. I know some go-greeners out there are already growling- "There you go again, LT".  Es solamente una pregunata, para saber un poco mas de lo que se.  Ooops  "mas de lo que sepo"


  1. The only employee KLB has is Lynne. KLB is weird in that it is a city entity but it is expected to raise its own funds beyond the $ from the city which I don't think goes to salaries. The materials to make the program run use those funds from shovels, to trash pickers, to bags, to signs, to cleaning supplies, etc, etc.

    All non-profits are different. As a former grant writer, I can tell you that it is rare that you find a grant to pay for salaries - those are the most sought after monies. That is why nonprofit salaries are so, so, so low compared to private or public jobs (unless you are talking about mega nonprofits like save-the-children, etc.). Many of the nonprofits I have written for all have volunteer unpaid directors. Such is the US.

  2. This is very interesting info, I really appreciate your taking the time to respond. I'm learning as you can tell. Thanks QF