Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More fuzzy math : 37 % of Texans are Hispanic but hold ZERO statewide offices

Chavez was unsuccessful in her Lt. Governor bid in 2010

You would think that Hispanic Texans' continued population increase would be accompanied by increased political power. However, republicans have managed to minimize their relative clout by controlling the redistricting process in the recent past. By all estimates, Texas should gain 4 more seats in the U.S. house. Furthermore, Hispanics should dominate at least two or three of the new seats according to Charles Gonzales, a democrat U.S. representative from  San Antonio. Other Texan congressmen such as Gene Green (D-Houston) and Delwin Jones (R-Lubbock) agree.

What makes the fact that no Hispanics have been elected to statewide office even more bewildering is the expectation that Hispanics may actually outnumber Anglo-Texas by as early as 2017. This estimate is based on Hispanics higher birth rate and immigration. Talk about minorty rule!

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