Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full Disclosure: LMT publishes salaries of thousands of public employees

It's a good thing WalMart doesn't have to reveal it's payroll
Businesses hurting for customers now have the names of thousands of potential customers and their salaries to work with. The LMT has published the entire payroll of both UISD, LISD, the City of Laredo, Webb County, LCC and TAMIU.  Talk about a marketers dream. Anyone with something to sell now very specific income info for all pay grades of our public institutions. On Sunday, the names of the top 10 earners of each local governmental unit was made available. Shortly afterwards, The LMT must have decided to use up it's quota of open records request for the year and voila! You better disconnect the phones, the telemarketers are armed to the teeth.

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