Tuesday, December 7, 2010

San Antonio citizens can join pothole brigade

Did you text it in? It's free you know.
Once again, I was listening to KTSA 550 AM out of San Antonio when I heard this interesting bit. Their public works department is encouraging citizens to take picture of potholes with their cell phones and email in via a city-provided "free" number. I can almost see the traffic backing up for blocks while a well-meaning citizen goes out of his/her way to take a picture of the newest pothole. You know, as in all things, there are always those people who are overly Gun-Ho about any little thing. It's their 15 seconds of fame I guess.

Let's hope that our city leaders don't get any bright ideas and start farming out their work to the rest of us while they sit back and draw the big bucks. I'm sure that many of those drawing mega paychecks are not too happy with the LMT's posting of all the public employees' salaries.

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