Sunday, December 12, 2010

Landeck looses in district 3: System is broken

I don't know much about Alex Perez,  but I do know that Dr. Landeck has proven himself to speak out for the best interests of not only his district, but of all Laredoans. This is especially true when it comes to those that are economically disadvantaged. When his honesty and practical approach is not good enough to get him re-elected, then something is definitely wrong with our local politcs. Dr. Landeck himself probably realizes now that he should have not rested on his laurels. But just who is it that's voting against common sense and fairness. Are the people that vote against these qualities not know much of the political process? Are some of them simply gathered up and taken to the nearest polling place to vote for whomever they're told? I wish the question was as ridiculous as it sounds but in the context of what's happened one has to consider the possibility. More than likely, the question is a rhetorical one. Que lastima.

Just a quick example that come to mind show the way Dr. Landeck usually would think and vote. When Slaughter park was opened, the Pony League made overtures to use the park's fields, even though most Pony players are from elsewhere in town and have ample parks available to them. This, Dr. Landeck saw as being wrong. He argued those that are not as well off might have access only to Slaughter park while the Pony leaguers have more resources and access to many parks. This was his reason for wanting to keep the park primarily for the residents of district 3.  This exemplifies the kind of pragmatism which Dr. Landeck applied to most issues. It was the right thing to do and the fair thing to do. Still, it was not enough to get him re-elected. Ironically, the ones who probably are going to miss out the most are the residents of the district that failed to keep him in office.


  1. Thank you for being a voice of reason!

  2. Thanks for visiting the site and for the kind words. There's varying opinions on this race so it's good to see at least someone agrees.