Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mayor Salinas says "Thanks" in surprisingly short letter to the editor

Short Salinas letter would prob run a minute on the floor

Knowing how enamored Mayor Raul Salinas seems to be with the microphone and camera, you would think he would have penned an epic letter to the editor to thank Laredo voters for his re-election. Not so. In a relatively short letter, Salinas graciously thanks supporters for having enough confidence in him to give him four more years as the Mayor of the Gateway City. From the Opinion section of today's Laredo Morning Times, Salinas writes:

To the editor:

This past Saturday evening, I was overwhelmed and truly humbled by the final results of the runoff election for mayor of our great city.

The love and confidence the voters of our community showered upon me will always be a source of deep gratitude and pride on my part for the rest of my life.

I now look forward to taking the love and confidence of the citizens of Laredo with me on my next four-year journey — a journey that will continue my goal of making our city the kind of city we Laredoans desire for ourselves and for future generations.

I ask each and every one of you today to take my hand and walk with me down the road to a better tomorrow for all Laredoans.

With your love, confidence and optimistic view of the future, together we can make Laredo a better community for us all!

Mil gracias, Laredo, and God bless!


Raul Salinas

Granted, it takes all of about one minute to read the above, but give Salinas the microphone and- Watch out Bernie Sanders. He could give the Vermont, filibustering Senator a war of words. Congratulations to Mayor Salinas and good luck.

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  1. The lesser of two evils won. Ni modo , another four years with ex-FBI agent who took an oath to defend the US constitution but now violates it indiscriminately .