Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Special Forces" show rare teamwork in dealing with paisanos

Ok, here's the deal......blah, blah, blah

Congratulations to an array of local, county, state and federal representatives, as well as some citizen volunteers in working together in an attempt to streamline the flow of paisanos through our city on their way to Mexico. This effective use of teamwork is something that should be made use of on a more frequent basis. Can you imagine just how much work our various governments could accomplish. We would have had bridge number 5 a long time ago.

An article today in the Laredo Morning Times outlined the numerous ways in which the paisano "task force" was proactive in handling the increase volume of visitors/passers-by:
 “We have copiers so we can make copies of your ID, your vehicular title and your registration documents — all of that has to be filed with your permit,” said Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Blasita Lopez.

“Mexican officials are here to provide the forms that you need to get your temporary tourist permit as well as your temporary vehicular permit — which are two things that are required to cross into the interior of Mexico,” Lopez said.

A mechanic is even volunteering his time in the spirit of the Christmas season, Lopez said.
“He isn’t going to be here the whole 48 hours that we’re going to staff the tent,” she said.
“But he’s just available if someone comes in and says, ‘My car is making a funny noise.’
He does an initial review here, and he recommends what he thinks (the problem) is and then gives them suggestions about local shops in town that can help them.”

Regular TxDOT updates on electronic signs on the Interstate 35 corridor from San Antonio are aimed to help alert travelers to the rest stop and travel times.

More Laredo Police Department officers also will be on hand downtown to watch over certain intersections.
See what I mean? If our representatives applied the same common sense and deliberateness to other issues that our city faces, we would all benefit. Maybe it's a new year's resolution to be considered.

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