Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boarding for Laredo, please make sure you have your passports ready!

Citizen of the Republic of Texas
Years back, I was up in East Texas for some reason. There were some people from Palestine, Texas riding in the same elevator I was in.  The conversation turned to the weather and someone said "it's hot today, it's nearly 90". I couldn't keep quiet and had to chime in "That's nothing, it was 105 yesterday in Laredo". Almost in unison, they corrected me- "Oh, but that's Laredo, we're talking about Texas'. I figured I should have known better than try to reason with a bunch of Gomer Pyle sounding folks. Then came, the "Do you need a passport to go to Laredo?" question.  I don't even know if I answered or not, but that's East Texas for you. They see Laredo like a whole other world. Considering the way of thinking of those good ol' folks in the elevator, maybe it's better Laredo's in a whole different world.

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  1. Nambre . . . mas vale que ya no regreses a East Texas.

    Puro malandrin en esos lugares

    Y pa acabar,
    Palestine? El canton del Adrian Peterson!