Saturday, December 11, 2010

730 schools nationwide opt to reinvent themselves

The Huffington post had an article today covering the several options that schools had to "reinvent themselves" in an effort to be eligible for part of $500 Million set aside to turn around schools where too many students are failing. The most common option chosen by these schools has been to fire the principal and in some cases, much of the staff as well. The Huffington Post article explains more in detail: 
The approaches include: closing the school and moving kids to other buildings; restarting a traditional public school as a charter school; firing most of the staff and starting over with a new team; or firing the principal and taking a new approach to learning.
Duncan's preliminary report on the success of the program noted that 71 percent of participating schools chose the fourth approach, called transformation.
Another 21 percent replaced the school principal and at least half of the teachers. About 3 percent closed down the school and 5 percent are restarting.
Union leaders said Thursday that the program became less controversial as school district officials started collaborating with teachers instead of blaming them for their problems
Ok Principals, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout and I'm sure you know why. Uncle Arnie might be coming to town.

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