Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Corpus Chrisi passes ordinance against "aggresive panhandling"

Experts agree, this panhandler would more than likely go to jail for his rude demeanor

Laredoans have seen their share of panhandlers. Most times, they are the ones we fully expect to see out there trying to bum off a few bucks from motorists waiting for the light to change. Increasingly though, there are others; groups of young, able-bodied students who could be selling plates or washing cars but instead, they too have chosen the way of the panhandle. Last weekend, some students were panhandling swith signs stating "help send us to Hawaii". I mean come on now.

Well, enough of my digressing, Corpus Chrisit has put some teeth into its newest ordinance against panhandlers. If they're aggressive, they're going to jail. More specificly, if they still harrass you after you tell them "no" or if they're somehow rude to you- off to jail.  Like everything else, it makes me wonder if there will be that smart panhandler who will manage to be persistent but not necessarily annoying. I mean what if he speaks softly and always says "please" and "thank you"? Can such a well-mannered person be thrown in the slammer for suppossedly being aggressive. 

The problem, is that exceptions are always made and so is the case with this ordinance. Those "pan-handling" on their own property and/or those who stop asking for money when you say "no" will be ok in the eyes of the law and will able to continue to nicely annoy the next pedestrial or motorist.....and the next.

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