Thursday, December 9, 2010

La Sanbe reports that LMT reports that ....Another Movie might be made in Laredo

Could Jose Canseco be Laredo's new Eddie Macon ?
True to form, La Sanbe rightly expressed concern that Luke Wilson is considering filming  another motion picture right here in our beloved Gateway City. Although as of yet unsubstantiated, there are rumors that a movement had been underway to officially change Laredo's designation from "The Gateway City" to "The City Eddie Macon Ran To". It now appears that those efforts will have to be ramped up and a simultaneuos, all-out campaign launched, in order to keep the proposed Wilson  film out. Since 1983, when Jon Schneider and Kirk Douglass starred in the critically acclaimed blockbuster Eddie Macon's Run, Laredo has been revered as one of the most well-known on location sites in the country. Now, Laredoans who want to keep it that way (sometimes known as Maconistas) are dreading this might all be about to change.

Reportedly, Wilson was seen scouting West-Martin Field/Veteran's Field as a possible backdrop for his baseball-themed movie. Laredotejas has learned that the plot might involve a border town's reckless treatment of a popular minor league baseball team that, despite being the town's favorites, gets booted out by the city's political hacks.


  1. Sounds like Jose Canseco and the Broncos saga.

  2. They should put ont there, "based on a true story".