Friday, December 31, 2010

What is the psychology of our public servants

I love this! It's the 15th proclamation I've done this month

What is it that happens in the mind and spirit of a person who gets elected to public office? Almost invariably, these people go from being someone who most would consider a decent human to someone whos is apathetic, selfish and greedy. We have what the mayor called a "new" council but things have not changed at all. The first hour of each meeting is spent on patting their own backs and showing some footage of some obscure self promotion.

 The public demands and gets very little respect from the Mayor and council. The meetings are carried on in a way that serves them best. There is practically no regard for whether the citizens are being served and informed. Their's is a sort of tunnel vision that sets in.  It places the highest priority on making the rest of the council happy. There is an ego-driven camaraderie that is shared in executive session and during those no-doubt lavish feasts behind close doors that mocks the people. The sardonic smiles (yes, Sardonic) on their faces says it all: they could care less about you or me or anyone else that does not belong to their inner circle of small minds. ( Wasn't that a group? oh wait no, that was the Small Faces)


  1. ThIs is exactly the kind of rubber-stamp council that was wished for by the developers who have "contributed"/funded the mayor's campaign, Perez' camPaign, Mike garza's recent out of town field trips with no days docked from work, and retroactively funded Esteban Rangel's campaign.

  2. Sounds like you've got our "new" council pegged pretty accurately-much to our dismay.

  3. Keep writing, El Maximo, everyone else is too cowed to speak out. -- Anymouse