Monday, December 13, 2010

Everything's "cool" except that our vocabulary keeps shrinking

COOL !  Beatniks created a Monster

The most over-used word in the English language has to be the word "cool". It is the universal way of describing anything positive. People are just to lazy to come up with any other way of saying that something is : good, great, fantastic, facinating, extraordinary, get the drift. The other word that also deserves a lot of blame for eradicating our once-colorful list of adjectives is "awesome". Just tonight, on the news, a border patrol lady used it about 3 times in 2 sentences.
Those, we used to rely on to hold up the bar are just as bad. Teachers at our schools use it probably as much as the kids they're supposedly teaching. Tim Gutierrez and Mindy Casso seem to find just about everything they like either "cool" or "awesome". Even the usually creative world of advertising has grown lazy. Every other commercial pushes their product(s) by stating in no uncertain terms: "Now, that's cool". I'll even take a simple OK or nice or even pretty good over those two words that are robbing our language of it's richness. What's that? You think this post in  awesome?  Wow, cool, thanks.


  1. Andale, nomas con que no este "cool" o "awesome". En Espanol, que no este "con ganas" por que ese es otro que se usa mucho.