Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TAMIU continues it's pursuit of Excellence as evidenced in It's publication "The Bridge"

Taking no prisoners in our quest for Literary Excellence
As an icon in the region's world of academia, Texas A&M International University continues its exemplary role in excellence. This is clearly evident in the progressive approach to journalism that it's University newsletter strives for. One sometimes hears of "pushing the envelope" in regards to literary works of art. The Bridge, not only pushes the envelope, it goes as far as piercing through the mailbox itself. Witness for your self, the impeccable choice of words in one of their recent article's title. Behold:

The Earlybird’s Guide to Sh*ts Going Down!

Alas. Who needs wordsmiths like Shakespeare and Cervantes when we have our own TAMIU's Bridge?


  1. See? It ain' that easy coming up with word other than COOOOOOL.

  2. This is another reason your blog stands head & shoulders above the rest...delightfully snarky without the rapid descent into bile and bitterness. Great job LT!

  3. Who me? Ok, another word I'll have to look up - but at least it's delightfully done. Thanks

  4. Snarky I mean -left out a word again and here I am talking about 'literary" Hah! Ni modo.