Monday, December 13, 2010

Wade Watch: Tom comments on Lardeotejas's post

Rumor has it that Wade and Bucky might be one and the same
It was rather odd. I was listening to the Tom Wade Show this morning (yes again) when I heard him mention none other than our own humble blog. Well, let me just say that we certainly appreciate the on-air mention.  A couple weeks ago, I commented on how Tom's always saying just how much there is to do in Laredo when in reality he usually talks only about 3 of his favorite things/places : Laredo Bucks, Starbucks, and the local shooting range. As a matter of fact, he mentions these so much that I can almost see him, wearing his Bucks jersey & antlers with a starbucks in one hand and a gun in the other.

Today, Tom made it clear that the wanted to set the record straight. It just so happens that there are many more things that he actually enjoys doing in our fair town. I might be overlooking one or two but here are some  of the "other" things he likes doing in Laredo. They include: going to LCC Bruni-Vergara Science center, hiking the paseo del Indio trail and taking in the sights, riding his bike on East Del Mar, eating at  our Mexican food restaurants and walking downtown while admiring the architecture. We're more than happy to set the record straight.

Incidentally,speaking of setting the record straight, I need to clear up something. Tom, in his hurry to generalize, said that he was willing to bet that this blogger (yours truly) probably doesn't venture to far away from his computer or any electrical outlet. Of course he was wrong (again). I happen to know just enough about computers to put together this blog but that's about the extent of my love-affair with technology. So, I don't necessarily look for electrical outlets everywhere I go. I still am trying to figure out what a Smart phone does. By the way Tom, you should make it a point to learn Spanish. I think you'll like being bilingual. And don't worry, it won't make you any less American to be fluent in two languages.


  1. So . . . does that mean we won't have to use torches and pitchforks against Tom Wade?

    I was so looking forward to creating a mob mentality during the holiday season.

  2. No, No, we can still get the mob going. Actually, it's better cause he's given us more publicity. We'll yell and chant in Spanish just for good measure.

  3. Now that Tom is without St. John I think he will move more to the middle or at least have guests that will show "fair and balanced".

    Max, when you talk about bilingual does that also apply to the non-English speakers here in Laredo? Shouldn't service people (wait staff in restaurants, sales people in stores) be able to speak English? Does that make them less Mexican to speak English?

    If your children plan on getting jobs in Mexico then by all means make that the language you speak at home. But if they plan on working north of San Antonio they need to speak English without an accent.

    Many people in Laredo forget that we are North of the river.

  4. It applies to both regardless of what one's native language is. What surprises me is that local business do not require their employees to be fluent in both English and Spanish. I imagine it's frustrating if you only speak English to be addressed only in Spanish at our businesses. Given, the history of the City (Where Spanish was being spoken before US was even a nation) I think locals should speak both. A lot of Hispanic kids don't speak much Spanish anymore. Tom would probably be the first to admit the benefit of speaking two languages. I can't speak for Mexicans (meaning Mexican Citizens) whether they feel any less Mexican if they speak English-I'm guessin not.