Saturday, December 11, 2010

Texas rep. Leo "Birther" Berman looking forward to tackling immigration

Texas representative Leo, "Birther" Berman (R) is eager to tackle the immigration problem in Texas. He is supporting anti-immigration bills and has filed some himself. Berman believes that other states, like Arizona, have sent the right message to illegals and thinks Texas needs to do the same. Actually, Berman thinks that his bill stands a better chance of becoming law than did Arizona's infamous sb 1070.  Berman recently stated:

"In the bill I filed, I left out the discretion part.  I said that a local police officer, when stopping someone for anything …would ask everybody the same question.  If they ask everyone the same question, then there's no profiling".
Rep. Berman says Texas needs to follow in the footsteps of other states which are now seeing their illegal's self-deport.
"They are going to leave if they can't get a job and if they can't live there, but where are they going?  They're coming to Texas because we've done nothing," said Rep. Berman.

Dagnabbit! What in Tarnations are y'all talking about up yonder in Austin?


  1. Mr. Berman looks like a KKK card carrier. If anything they should be worrying about Bin Landin's kin folk they own all the convenience , hotel-motel businesses up here. The same people who took the twin towers down . Mexican illegals just want to work not terrorize this country . You know it's ironic the good ole USA trained these folks to fly and in the 70's tons of Iranians were living inside Lackland Air Force3 base in SA, Texas. Then the USA gets alarmed of the sophisticated technology these people get while here . Oh but if you are from Mexico go back ASAP !

  2. That's what so ironic about the ultra-right being obsessed with "American Exceptionalism". What's exceptional about America? How good they are at twisting the truth? Bola de hipocritas!