Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dallas Morning News names Perry "Texan of the Year" for 2010

Apparently, Perry wasn't judged by the company he keeps!
From what is probably the Republican capitol of the U.S., comes another win of sorts for Rick Perry. The Dallas Morning news has named the 3-time Texas Governor as it's Texan of the Year. Perry, who will soon be knee-deep in Perrymandering the Texas political map, is the longest serving Texas Governor in the state's history. He managed to beat both Sen. Hutchinson (in the primary) and Bill White rather handily. In what sounded half-way like an apology for it's pick, the Dallas Morning News wrote:

“While his record as governor remains open for discussion, Perry’s political instincts have been nearly infallible. With cowboy swagger and bold declarations, he has carved his own path, ducking debates and flirting with secession,” the newspaper wrote. “Foes and fans of our polarizing governor both acknowledge Perry’s impact on Texas politics. In a weak-governor state, he has seized a bullhorn, making himself heard across Texas and beyond.”
Supporters laud him as a consistent, dependable conservative. He protects business interests and is committed to keeping taxes low in Texas — even if the resulting cutbacks are painful.
No word on how much Perry's shooting of a coyote had to do with him getting the prize. Although there were no witnesses (except for Perry's dog), Perry recounted that, while on an early morning jog, a coyote came out of nowhere and seemed intent on wrangling with Perry's dog.  Naturally, the governor proceeded to shoot the unarmed coyote. He then went back home and told the entire media about it. I recall FoxNews picking up on the Tough Texan theme in a hurry.

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