Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Napolitano's goodwill gesture towards Mexicans sets off the Teabaggers

The FOX Nation
Essentially, it's an extreme version of FoxNews

A recent post on the ultra-right wing FoxNation website about Janet Napolitano giving "trusted traveler" status to some Mexicans who frequent the U.S. unleashed the rabid Fox fans. Nevermind that this status is reserved for only for Mexicans who have undergone extensive background checks and have been determined to be low security risks. A typical response by the Tea Party crowd appeared in the "comments" section accompanying the article. Someone using the label "Mystic 35" decided to go on a rant but at least managed to conclude with a "Merry Christmas" to all.

mystic35 6 hours ago
Our nation is upside down at this time.
Ego Janet wants Mexicans vetted so they can pass easily through airport security.
Children are stripped, men groped, women, nuns and grandmothers molested?
The Obummer will not even vet the czars.
The rights of the American people are being trampled.
We the people are being treated as the enemy of this nation.
Scanners cannot detect any object if hidden in the cavity of the body.
Homeland Security wishes to take on global warming?
Right now they have no way to protect our food source in the restaurants, ego Janet did say the restaurants were the next target.
Yes, I can honestly say I do not feel safer with ego Janet and the community activist in charge.
Does anyone miss President Bush? I do!!!
I know flying is not a right, however the citizens of this nation should not be treated like the enemy.
Let's use behavioral profiling as Israel does.
God Bless and Save America.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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