Thursday, December 16, 2010

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs recently announced that the "new" appliance rebate program will start on Monday, December 20th. Texans who want to save money on ENERGY STAR® appliances will soon have another opportunity to apply for mail-in rebates on those purchases. Approximately $10 million is available for the traditional mail-in rebate program, which will remain open until all funds are distributed.

To participate, first research and select a new appliance. Then, on or after Dec. 20, 2010:
1. Purchase a qualifying Energy Star appliance from a Texas retailer or contractor and retain your receipt;
2. Install the new, qualifying appliance in your valid Texas residential address;
3. Either properly dispose of or recycle the old appliance being replaced;
4. Completely fill out a rebate application form, including the appliance disposal or recycling information;
5. Mail in the completed application form with your receipt and any other required documentation (for example, disposal or recycling verification) to the address that will be available before the start of the purchase period on Dec. 20, 2010;
6. Application forms will be ordered by the postmark date on the envelope of the application. If a postmark is missing, the application will be placed in the order based on the day it arrives at the processing facility.
Rates will be offered for appliances in eight categories, including: air-source heat pumps, clothes washers, freezers, room air conditioners, central air conditioners, dishwashers, refrigerators and water heaters.
To view the details on eligible appliances (including rebate amounts), find out more information about the program and get a rebate application form, please visit

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