Thursday, December 9, 2010

Amtrak served Laredo until 1981

Amtrak No.22's rear lights on UP's mainline ready for departure
Recently, US Congressman Henry Cuellar announced that an upcoming study would determine whether Laredo and/or McAllen would be considered for rail passenger service. It is very unlikely that this will have much support. Amtrak serviced Laredo until 1981 when it was finally discontinued between San Antonio and Laredo. During it's last years of serving Laredo, No. 21 (Amtrak South) would arrive at around 10pm and bright and early the next morning, No. 22 (Amtrak North) would depart the Laredo depot at 5:40am. Usually, only a few passengers would ride the train in either direction.


  1. I took the family on a train trip two years ago. Great experience. Definitely looking forward to doing it again.

  2. It would be a good thing for Laredo, of that there's no doubt. It just seems (to me) that with the current fiscal prudence, it would not have much support in Washington. I guess getting the "study" itself was an accomplishment.