Saturday, December 11, 2010

All those tax dollars on salaries! What's one to do- if anything

Juxtapose the above stats with the recently-released Salaries for Top Administrators
 It's been a few days since the Laredo Morning Times published links to the entire payrolls of: LISD, UISD, LCC, TAMIU, along with the those of the City of Laredo and Webb County. There are obviously many very well-paid employees in the upper echelons of all of these governmental organizations. It seems out of place for a city such as ours that always being mentioned in the same breath as terms like "poverty stricken". I think it's hard for the average joe/jo to accept that these individual in high positions really deserve to be paid as much as they are-given that fact that they're being compensated with money taken from all of us.

Many might be quick to judge and call for at least a 10 or 20 percent cut in salaries for those occupying the highest rungs. But do we really have any power at all.  How do we make our views heard? A letter to the editor sometimes gets rejected or is published days after the story is out of the spotlight. Does anyone picket anymore? I think an alternative would be to single out those who are getting top-notch salaries and focus on what they have done to earn such exorbitant pay.

I think that Laredo pays top dollar to many: Ray Keck, Bobby Santos, Marcus Nelson, Carlos Villarreal, Judge Valdez, others at Webb County and some at LCC. Instead of demanding that their salaries be rolled back- fat chance of that happening. I think we should shine a light on what they have accomplished or not accomplished and say to them. Yes, we'll pay you Top Dollar but we expect nothing but Top performance.

Anyone in a picketing mood? In the meantime, I'll read "Picketing for Dummies'


  1. Beats me, it sounded good at the time. Maybe it's a corruption of "just suppose".