Friday, December 10, 2010

San Antonio enjoying brisk business from Mexico

Shops at San Antonio's La Cantera Mall
I don't know if anyone listens to AM radio anymore, but here's another bit of news that I gleaned from listening to KTSA 550 AM  this morning. San Antonio is enjoying substantial numbers of Mexican nationals who have made the trip from as far away as Mexico City to shop for Christmas. Many of them  came by bus or travelling in convoys to help ensure their safety. Their favorite destinations in San Antonio include La Cantera mall and North Star Mall.

KENS TV also reported a very similar story. They claimed that some Mexican shoppers even flew across the border for safety purposes. As a result, Flights from Mexico City to Mcallen, Texas (who's eating our lunch again) are up by at least 30 per cent this year. I wonder if flights from Mexico City to Laredo Intl are up as well. The KENS TV website's accompanying text to the story reads:

"San Antonio is always going to be a favorite destination for many from Mexico," said Donald Wearden, who’s in charge of international marketing for the Shops at La Cantera and North Star Mall.
While the shopping malls do not track how much Mexican nationals spend, Wearden said some days during the holidays they account for nearly half of the La Cantera’s and North Star’s sales.
Con razon esta el downtown Laredo que parece ghostown. Todos estan comprando en San Anto.

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