Wednesday, December 8, 2010

City council has little use for parlimentary procedures

Hurry Up, I can smell the Chicken Cordon Bleu! Whiff Whiff

I was watching the city council meeting last night, well at least for an hour or so. It's always funny to see how disorganized these meetings are. I wonder if there'a copy of Robert's Rule of Parlimentary Procedures somewhere in city hall. If so, it needs to be brought out, dusted off and Xeroxed so that at least everyone has an idea of the protocol that is expected.
Sometimes, there will be someone at the podium, answering questions by the council. When the questions appear to be over, and just when the individual has gone back to his/her seat, there's always the "I've got one more question" routine. It never fails. I wonder if they do that on purpose to discourage viewers at home from following the proceedings. The one part they always get right is when the Mayor pounds the gavel and everyone heads behind closed doors to whatever extravagant dish happens to be on the menu. 

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