Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuzzy Math on Laredo's "census" figures

It's not really the US Census but it's the American Community Survey numbers that seem a bit fuzzy in regards to the status of males and females in town. According to the 2009 figures for the ACS survey:

The number of married males stood at   35, 295  : The number of married females at 34, 853.  Como?

The number of divorced males stood at   4,890.  : The number of divorced females at 7,343.    Que??

The number of separated males stood at  1,027 :  The number of separated females at 3,510.  Epale!

How can it be that 3,510 females are separated (not divorced) but there are only 1,027 separated males?
What's going on here- shouldn't it be equal numbers, unless the males are leaving town. Who knows maybe they are moving to Utah and remarrying a la "Big Love".

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