Saturday, December 11, 2010

Border Patrol resumes transfering "Illegals" from AZ to Del Rio, Tx to Mexico

Dec 10, 2010-Sara Fernandez reports for America's News Online 
Under the program, the agency transports illegal border-crossers caught in Arizona to the Texas border and deports them back to Mexico. The Border Patrol first started the program in November 2009: Two buses per day, each loaded with up to 47 male illegal immigrants aged 20 to 60, were taken from Arizona to Presidio, where they were deported to Ojinaga, Mexico. The program generated heated resistance from state officials, including Perry, who worried about an influx of illegal immigrants, and from local officials, who said the remote area could not handle an onslaught of new people.

Program Starts Up Again

The Border Patrol put the program on pause last December because officials said illegal crossings in Arizona had slowed. They said they would use the break to review the program’s effectiveness. Now, almost a year later, the program is being restarted. But this time they will be transporting illegal immigrants primarily to Del Rio, a larger town than Presidio, and deporting them across the Rio Grande to Ciudad Acuña in Mexico.

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