Monday, December 20, 2010

Why not build a Pinata empire in Laredo?

Bob Esponja- Donde esta el Squidward?
It seems that hardly anything is manufactured in Laredo anymore, maybe with the exception of candles. That begged the question, why can Laredo not be the empire for something, anything? How about the city capitalizing on a truly Mexican tradition; pinatas? I would love to see the economic development people look into the feasibility of making Laredo the mecca for those party favorites.

 I'm sure we have the natural resources in abundance (what does it take: newspaper, pastes, carrizo ?). We probably have a handful of artisans who could train others. Before you know it, Laredo could apply Henry Ford's assembly line approach and be turning out Pinatas galore. Furthermore, we already have the transportation connections for the entire country. With the current mascot craze, there would never be a shortage of characters for the artisans to produce. From where I stand, it's a win-win situation. Batter up!


  1. No can do - Border Patrol keeps spraying the carrizo. There is no profit if your main resource is cut down or filled with weed killer.

    Besides, the only piñata that might have a chance at selling would be one of Salinas - plenty of room for candy :)

    In all seriousness, we kinda can't compete against the Chinese piñatas. Have you seen how cheap they are in the Oriental Trading catalog? $15.99 with free shipping!

  2. Hijo de su...........otra vez los Chinos, tenian que ser. So maybe at one time it would've been a good idea but not in the global marketplace- i got you. Tenian que ser.

  3. Does that mean the Mascot convention is still off?? Hah!

  4. Organize one and vamos a ver quien viene - sin mascara! We bloggers really do have to get our own mascots.