Saturday, December 11, 2010

Salinas, Cuellar-Castillo, San Miguel & Perez win: Belmares & Landeck out

Thank You Laredo Voters!

Laredo voters decided to keep Raul Salinas for another 4 years. Gene Belmares' term limits are up and Charlie San Miguel will be the new district 6  representative after beating out Orlando Navarro. Rosie Cuellar Castillo defeated Madeline Lopez-Escot for Municipal court judge and, in what many consider a surprise, Alex Perez defeated incumbent Michael Landeck in the city counil district 3 race.

Pro 8 news did a poor job of covering the election results but LMT and Que Fregados (by extension) had the earliest total results available to most. Congratulations to all candidates for having valiantly participated in our electoral process. Good Luck to the winners. Let's get Laredo back on the ball.

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