Monday, December 27, 2010

Bad dancing and all, Bristol Palin buys $172,000 home (cash) in friendly Arizona

I don't know the guy's name but he's got a strong arm to be able to lift that weight up!

Over the weekend, I heard a couple of reports announcing that the half-dancer daughter of the former half-governor of Alaska had just bought a house. Actually, she bought a $172,000 house in cash in Jan Brewer's lovely state of Arizona.

I'm sure the symbolism of Arizona had a lot to do with where to buy. It couldn't have been Texas, even if the Palins love to promote Rick Perry whenever they can. If you'll remember, when SB1070 first hit the national headlines, Perry went on record saying that he thought "such a law was not a good fit for Texas". In other words, given Arizona and Texas, Arizona is more anti-immigrant hands down so that's your "go" signal for Palin to move in.

It's been a ridiculous year allright. and I didn't even mention the Tea Party so far.


  1. I heard she bought there because she wants to go to Arizona State University. Wonder if they have daycare on the premises??

  2. If they don't, they soon will. No way Jan Brewer won't do that for her.