Friday, December 10, 2010

Yawwwwn There's Tom Wade followers in El Paso too ?

Not Ol' W, I mean after all, he even speaks Spanish

Below are a couple of comments found on the El Paso Sun Times' website in reference to a story about the city's effort to increase the number of visitors from Mexico. I wonder if these guys listen to the Tom Wade show all the way up there in "El Chuco".
Unfortunately, alot of people from Juarez are taking advantage of not only our city but our govt programs as well. They drive with reckless disregard, they're rude i.e. bumping up in front of you while waiting to pay for items etc. and yes, they don't give a damned about our great country, but don't take away the federal assistance they receive because they need and deserve it (Sarcasm). I say stay in your own country and do something to fix your govt's issues. My income/taxes can't handle the burden of your presence. I do hope your country fixes its corruption, drug, and crime issues. The values and culture I associated with Mexico have all but eroded because of those issues that you need to address.
Surprise, Surprise : Here's one more just for good measure.
I am in agreement with er0sion. They've been here! They are here! The problem is they won't leave. I do not want any more Mexican nationals in ELP not even for the weekend. I personaly know of illegals getting government help by using family members ID while the US born citizens get squash because we make too much? Now the US wants to legalize the children who are in school illegally? Free school, not pay taxes, no care insurance, free food, not paying taxes for their Mexican plates. A Mexicans dream. Ask any Mexican national and they will tell you they are proud to be Mexican. So proud yet living in and off the USA.

I don't know why but when I read these comments, they sound to me like they're being read in a heavy Texan or Southern drawl with an angry, fist-shaking temperament. I could be wrong. Maybe it's an old, monocled, ex-Harvard professor who speaks with an English accent while he smokes a pipe. Ok, I guess not.

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