Thursday, December 2, 2010

We used to have our own Borderfest

I don't know when the last Laredo BorderFest was held. I do recall that it was held during July at the Laredo Civic Center "grounds".  I know it was during the Summer because I would always wonder why they didn't have such an outdoor the cooler months like during October or November. Well, although we don't have a Borderfest anymore, the concept and name is still thriving down in the Valley. Another thing they do down there -that we don't, is hold an annual  conjunto festival. These are they type of things that seem so ordinary and routine to us, but not to others. It's hard for the people who live here to figure out what would outsiders want to see when they come down here. But at least, we know what they go to other parts of South Texas for.


  1. Yes Borderfest events were nice and for the ordinary Laredo citizen(RAZA TEJANO MUSIC ). WBCA is more for the elite but it's ironic Aztec , Mayan descendants celebrating aristocratic slave owners. What a joke !

  2. The only thing that makes sense about the entire WBCA thing is that it was started by Anglos way back in 1898 so they could have a non-Mexican based celebration.That's what it is.