Saturday, December 4, 2010

News! Highschool choir to sing with Foreigner (Didn't that already happen here?)

Member of the Dennison Choir practice for their upcoming performace with Foreigner
 You can't blame the local newspaper in the Sherman-Denison, Texas area for announcing that their highschool choir will be singing onstage with the rock group Foreigner. However, I was a bit surprised to read it in the Huffington Post, a nationally-recognized website. Afterall, didn't that already happen here in Laredo? I think it was about a year ago when Foreigner came to town and one of the local highschool choirs joined in singing "I want to know what Love is". How come it didn't make any national news-that I can recall anyway.
Repeatedly,that seems to be a real problem with Laredo. Those in charge of promoting our city in a positive light seem to be asleep at the wheel. Just for example, how unique are Los Matachines? Does every other town have such a unique group in its culture? I am guessing the answer is no. The point is that if something as apparently unique as Los Matachines gets little, if any, publicity- then what will? I don't think that even a relatively huge event such as the WBCA  ever gets mentioned on any of the national broadcasts. What's that....maybe it's better that way?  I know, George Washington and Laredo aren't usually found in the same sentence.


  1. Actually - yes, Matachines are very common in Mexico and the U.S. We even had a group back home in Illinois. We had a group at my university near Iowa. And I bet there is a group out in Tennessee or New Jersey or Wyoming, if there are Mexican immigrants out there.

    It isn't up to those promoting Laredo to determine what goes in the HuffPost, it is up to HuffPost editors. They take what they want - exactly like me & you. We write about what we want even though people "out there" might want us to write about something different. Such is the media :).

  2. Ok thanks for the info on the Matachines, I didn't know they were all over the place. As far as those promoting Laredo, I know they can't control who reports so yes I concede that point. I do think that they (who ever gets paid to promote Laredo) are not being very creative. It's always the same 3 or 4 things. I mean come on. Thanks for the comment.