Saturday, December 4, 2010

Any update of Chucky Cheese?

No doubt playing to a packed house!
I had heard that Chucky Cheese was coming to Laredo sometime this December. I don't, however, recall the specific date. In any event, I was just thinking about how many mascots appeared on LaSanbe's Christmas parade video. I'm becoming more convinced that a mascot convention is a good fit for Laredo. The reason I mention Chucky Cheese is that it would be an excellent place to announce the plan. Afterall, some of the most famous mascots are from Chucky Cheese (don't ask me to name one). Can you imagine going with your family on opening night just to find that you, as humans, are outnumbered by 2 to one?
What if a brawl broke out, like that time, the Ohio Bobcat took down the Ohio State Brutus. Talk about publicity for the Gateway City. The best part is that more than likely only the blog(s) would have actual video footage of the catastrophe. LCVB, are you listening?


  1. Chuck E. Cheese is located at the mall. Believe it or not, I actually did do some research on mascots and Laredo can't lay claim to having all that many. It is a growing phenomena. There are training camps for professional mascots. Most are gymnasts or athletes with insurance and can make a six figure salary if they rep a pro team. Laredo's mascots are... not gymnasts.

  2. Where do I apply-oops I'm not a gymnast never mind. I agree that Laredo's mascots are not gymnasts because I don't really think Laredo has any gymnasts- or am I wrong again? Well, if Laredo can't lay claim to being the Mascot Capitol, they can still host a convention. Moohlah.