Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not too many ride Yonkas just for fun

Granted, this picture was probably  not taken anywhere near Laredo
I was driving Westbound on Lyon street last night and I saw about 10 young teens with skateboards in their hands. I didn't give it much thought, I just figured they were on their way home from some skate park. Well, I had to stop at a red light. I'm thinking it might have been Meadow, not sure. When I proceeded, I noticed these kids going downhill at a pretty good rate of speed. None of them had helmets and they were kind of too close to the passing cars but they seemed to having a good time. They do need to be more careful, but then again I remember riding our yonkas down the loma at Clark Boulevard and down the LCC overpass. That was of course, wearning no helmets (were there any at that time?) and hands free.

So I guess these kids are just more daring and more skillful that bikes don't do much for them anymore. I started to think that for the most part, when I do see people on bikes, it's those guys who are all dressed up for the part. They got their bike pants, weird-looking helmets, gloves and sunglasses. So naturally, the question I had was "Doesn't anybody ride their yonkas simply for fun anymore?" I admit I have seen some riding a low-rider spyder bike to go buy a cuarto. But, I guess teens start driving so early and many of them own a car that there's a great number of them that simply bypass the yonka stage.


  1. I have a beater bike!! Unfortunately I cannot ride it anymore but i used to. Downtown is a beautiful place to take a slow cruise through the cool houses. Just ask the kids over at Caffe Dolce, they are always riding around downtown for fun (without the safety equipment).

  2. I'll make a note of that? Caffe Dolce? That shows how much I know. Some blogger huh? Yes, I do remember we would ride downtown as well.Ahhh la dolce vita.