Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eva Longoria working on Border "Soap" aka novela

From comes a story about what Eva Longoria has been keeping busy with lately. One of her projects apparently is based on a "border town" but no word of whether it's a bonafide real town or a fictional figment of her imagination.
Apparently starring on one of ABC's most popular series -- not to mention three movies that are currently in post-production -- still leaves Eva Longoria enough free time to develop new TV shows.
Marriage troubles can't hold the
'Desperate Housewives' actress back -- Longoria and her production company, Unbelievable Entertainment, are working on three new shows. According to Deadline Hollywood, the Texas border town soap 'Sendera' (with 'Cold Case' actress Kathryn Morris) and 'Parenting by Committee' are for ABC, while 'Aztec' is being described as a potential miniseries for Starz.

'Sendera,' a soapy drama about a Texas border town, follows two rich families "locked in a struggle for power, land, sex and legacy," Deadline reports. The Shakespearean-sounding drama will presumably also feature a pair of star-crossed lovers from the dueling clans, one based in Mexico and one in Texas, but that's just speculation on our part.


  1. Just like the Kardashians ,without the MASCARA they are a complete different person.

  2. Yea, probably the TSA people at the airport wouldn't even think it was her.