Friday, December 3, 2010

Luces en la Avenida, bueno muy poquitas "luces" (actually, it's luzes)

I didn't see one of these on la Avenida de las luzes, but it sure would've helped.
Sadly, I drove on la Sanbe tonight and found that very, very few business had any Christmas lights on at all. Even, the Taco Palenque, which usually has all it's oak trees wrapped up in tiny white lights, was suprisingly dark. I did see a Christmas tree inside the Ashley Furnture showroom that looked pretty good. However, you could probably cound the number of places that were displaying lights on one hand. I guess not much was expected since the "contest" seemed to be an afterthought. It wasn't a bad idea, it just wasn't promoted which is about par for the course. I just hope people from out of town didn't go out there expecting something similiar to Clark Grieswold's house. If they did, they probably thought they were on the wrong part of town.

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